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Ali Mardan Domki is a well-known Pakistani politician who was born in Kashmore, Pakistan on October 13, 1972. Discover Ali Mardan Domki’s age, wife, net worth, weight, height, career, family, pictures, biography, and other information. Learn about Ali Mardan Domki’s major achievements and accomplishments.

Date of Birth October 13, 1972.
Age 51 Years
Birth Place Kashmore, Pakistan
Residence  Kashmore, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession Politician
Education Graduated
Father (will update soon)
Mother (will update soon)
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings (will update soon)
Brother (will update soon)
Religion Islam
Spouse (will update soon)
Horoscope Libra
Weight 75 KG
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Net Worth (will update soon)
Category Politicians


Who Is Ali Mardan Khan Domki

Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki is a Pakistani Independent politician. The constituency name (Halqa) below will show you Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki’s election results, including the number of votes cast, winning numbers, and percentage of votes cast.

Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki belongs to the Lahri area of Balochistan. He is the son of Mir Hazor Bakhsh Domki, a former assemblywoman. From 1975 to 1977, his father was a assemblywoman. He was born on October 13, 1972. He earned a Master’s degree in Sociology from Allama Iqbal University( AIOU) in Islamabad.

Ali Mardan held the positions of Tehsil Nazim Lahri and District Nazim Sabi. His family Dostin Domki has been a Member of the Balochistan Assembly and Minister of State.

Who Is Ali Mardan Khan Domki
Who Is Ali Mardan Khan Domki

It’s to be mentioned also that the name of Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki has been agreed upon for the Caretaker Chief Minister of Balochistan between Chief Minister Balochistan Quddus Bizenjo and Opposition Leader Malik Sikander. still, an sanctioned announcement is yet to be made in this regard.

According to the media reports, the Chief Minister of Balochistan Quddus Bizenjo has not yet signed the name of Ali Mardan. The discussion between Quddus Bizenjo and Opposition Leader Malik Sikander and the opposition leader is still going on, after the hand of both, the final decision will be taken.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Malik Sikandar met with Chief Minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, but no final decision on the appointment could bereached. However, the matter would have been appertained to the Parliamentary Committee, If there had been no agreement on the choice of the temporary chief minister moment.

On Tuesday, Justice( r) Maqbool Baqar was named Sindh’s eighth caretaker chief minister. The MQM Coordination Committee has achieved an agreement on the nomination of Justice Retired Maqbool Baqar following extensive lodgment between the Sindh Chief Minister and the opposition leader.

before in the day, former Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan and Ali Mardan also called on the caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar- ul- Haq Kakar and congratulated him on assuming the charge.

Ali Mardan Khan Domki age
Ali Mardan Khan Domki age

Domki sworn in as interim Balochistan CM

Balochistan Governor Malik Abdul Wali Kakar administered the pledge to the lately appointed interim chief minister of the terrain.

The caretaker ministers are anticipated to be nominated within the coming couple of days.

Domki was sworn in after the opposition and government’s executive panels developed a agreement on his name, nominating him for the interim provincial chief minister’s niche.

still, former Balochistan chief minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo had refused to subscribe the nomination summary of Domki.

During the pledge- taking form, prominent among those who were present were civil Interior Minister Senator Sarfraz Bugti, former CM Jam Kamal Khan, Balochistan Assembly Speaker Jan Muhammad Jamali, former provincial ministers and members of the provincial assembly.

Talking to intelligencers after the form, Jam Kamal, who played a pivotal part in the nomination of Domki, nominated the event ‘ major for the terrain ’.

He said all opposition and stockroom members supported Domki as the interim chief minister.
When asked about the conformation of the provincial press, he said that truly soon all stakeholders would be taken on board and the caretaker press would be formed.

” This is good for the continuity of my stalled development systems,” Jam Kamal said, pertaining to the uplift schemes he started for the benefit of the people of the terrain during his term as the chief minister.

The former Balochistan CM also hailed the appointment of Anwaarul Haq Kakar as the caretaker high minister, nominating it a good auspice for the country as well as the nation.

” None, except a numerous people opposed the appointment of the caretaker high minister,” the former CM mentioned.

Domki sworn in as interim Balochistan CM
Domki sworn in as interim Balochistan CM

He was auspicious about the leadership rates of the high minister, saying that Kakar would play a pivotal part for the development and substance of the country as well as Balochistan.

Reportedly, Domki belongs to the Lehri area of Balochistan. He is the son of politician Mir Hazor Bakhsh Domki, who served as a assemblywoman between 1975 and 1977. Domki did his Masters in Sociology from Allama Iqbal University, Islamabad and has served as tehsil nazim Lehri and quarter nazim Sibi.

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