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Imaan Mazari is a Pakistani politician and human rights activist lawyer. who was born in Islamabad. Shireen Mazari is a new Pakistani politician, is her mother. His social media sites are filled with outspoken and candid views. She is quite active on social media and her outrageous posts frequently make news.

He is a member of the political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Imaan Mazari is famous for his active engagement in political debates and discussions, as well as his daily columns.

Find Imaan Mazari’s age, husband, net worth, weight, height, career, family, pictures, biography, and other information can be found here. Learn about Imaan Mazari’s major achievements and accomplishments.

Date of Birth (will update soon)
Age 30 years
Birth Place Islamabad, Pakistan
Residence Islamabad, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession Lawyer, Human Rights Activist
Education LLB
Father Tabish Hazir
Mother Shireen Mazari
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings Sabeel Hazri
Brother Sabeel Hazri
Religion Islam
Spouse Abdul Hadi
Horoscope (will update soon)
Weight 65 kg
Height 5 Feet 7 Inches
Net Worth $3 million
Category Miscellaneous

Who is Imaan Mazari

Imaan Mazari is a lawyer, human rights activist, and political figure from Pakistan. Her online presence is defined by brave and candid expressions, as she is the daughter of renowned Pakistani politician Shireen Mazari. Her inflammatory posts on social media, where she is a frequent and active presence, frequently grab attention. Her legal career began while she was a student at the University of Edinburgh.

Imaan Mazari is from South Punjab, Pakistan, and is from the Mazari family, which has Baloch ancestors. Imaan Zainab Hazir Mazari is her birth name or true name. Shireen Mazari, an infamous Pakistani politician, is Imaan Mazari’s mother. Her interest in politics and activism stems from her familial background.

Imaan Mazari Age

Imaan Mazari was born in Islamabad, Pakistan, in 1994. Imaan Mazari’s birth date is unclear. Imaan Mazari is thirty years old.

Imaan Mazari Education

Imaan Mazari’s education has influenced her profession. Imaan Mazari studied law at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom after completing her LLB in Pakistan.

Imaan Mazari Husband

Imaan Mazari’s husband is a human rights lawyer and his name Abdul Hadi. Abdul Hadi, Imaan Mazari’s husband, is the founder and executive director of Fair Trial Defenders, a legal assistance organization.

Imaan Mazari Wedding

The wedding of Imaan Mazari has gotten a lot of media attention. Imaan Mazari married Abdul Hadi on December 28, 2023. The marriage of Imaan Mazari and Abdul Hadi has been announced on social media. She has posted images of Imaan Mazari’s engagement on social media.

Imaan Mazari Husband

Imaan Mazari Family

Imaan Hazir Mazari is the daughter of medical practitioner Tabish Aitbar Hazir and Shireen Mazari, a prominent member of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf political party. She has a younger sibling. Imaan resides in Islamabad with her family. Imaan Mazari’s mother is a well-known politician, while her father, Tabish Hazir, is a practicing doctor. Imaan is the oldest of her siblings, and she has a younger brother named Sabeel Hazri.

Imaan Mazari Controversy

Imaan’s status as the daughter of a prominent politician harmed the Pakistani Army’s image. Under pressure from the Pakistan Army Public Relations Department, she temporarily disabled her account, but the Army’s reputation had been harmed. Shireen’s tolerance for Imran Khan’s opposing opinions is also said to be waning. She was purportedly abducted by the Pakistan Army on August 19, 2023, during Imaan Mazari PTM jalsa, after publicly referring to them as true terrorists. The arrest of Imaan Mazari is causing quite a stir.

Following her mother’s detention, Imaan Hazir Mazari was arrested for citing Pakistani Army Chief General Bajwa’s name. Despite the fact that her mother was released on the same day, the Army later filed a FIR against Imaan Hazir Mazari. Despite the fact that she was granted bail, the case remains unsolved.

Imaan Mazari’s scandalous photographs dominated social media in 2017. Among them was a snapshot of her taken in a nightclub with a friend. Her daring dress stirred much debate and elicited passionate reactions. Shireen Mazari, her mother, however, denied the validity of the images.

Imaan Mazari sedition case

On August 20, 2023, Imaan Mazari was detained for speaking at a public protest and criticizing the establishment over enforced disappearances. She was detained by authorities the day after former legislator and Pashtun activist Ali Wazir was detained. The Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) organized the march to campaign for the rights of ethnic Pashtuns harmed by Pakistan’s battle against the Taliban in the northwest.

Imaan Mazari as human rights activist

Imaan Mazari is gaining popularity and recognition as the general public sees her as a brave and forthright woman who fights for ideas and is always willing to face adversity. She is a Pakistani social and political rights activist who brings together people from all walks of life to oppose dictatorial governments. She gained an online phenomenon for her critical analysis of several Pakistan-related issues, including domestic politics, establishment, and public issues.

Imaan Mazari Family

Imaan Mazari Career

Imaan Mazari’s legal career began when she was studying at the University of Edinburgh. Through her legal work, she has demonstrated her dedication to human rights issues. Imaan Mazari is politically engaged and involved in political discussions and activities, despite not being a formal politician. Imaan Mazari frequently makes headlines due to her strong social media presence and her vocal views on a variety of issues.

Imaan Mazari social media accounts

Imaan Mazari’s social media channels have been quite active, displaying her strong and honest opinions on everlasting political and domestic events. She communicates her thoughts and anticipation through a social media account that is effective, spontaneous, and reactive.




What is the age of Imaan Mazari?

Imaan Mazari is 30 years old, with a date of birth, horoscope (which will be updated soon), birthplace Islamabad, Pakistan, nationality Pakistani, and home Islamabad, Pakistan.

What is the Profession of Imaan Mazari?

Imaan Mazari is a Pakistani lawyer and human rights activist.

Who is Imaan Mazari’s husband?

Abdul Hadi is the name of Imaan Mazari’s husband or spouse.

Who is Imaan Mazari’s Parents?

Tabish Hazir is Imaan Mazari’s father, while Shireen Mazari is his mother.

Who is Imaan Mazari’s siblings?

Sabeel Hazri is Imaan Mazari’s younger brother.

What is the net worth of Imaan Mazari?

Imaan Mazari has a net worth of $3 million dollars.

What is Imaan Mazari education?

Imaan Mazari has an LLB degree.

What is the height of Imaan Mazari?

Imaan Mazari is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

What is the weight of Imaan Mazari?

Imaan Mazari weighs 65 kg.

Last world

Imaan Mazari is a famous Pakistani politician and close confidante of Imran Khan. She is an outgoing young lady who has never been reluctant to call things by their true names. His remarks about the Pakistani army were audacious. He once got into a Twitter spat with his mother.

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