Khizar Omer Biography & Age, Wife, Family, Net worth

Khizar Omer is a popular Pakistani comedian, YouTuber, and tiktoker. His intriguing humor and compelling content earned him many hearts. Born in Layyah, Pakistan, on October 1, 1997,

It is quite inspiring to see how Khizar Omer rose from a humble upbringing to become a popular personality in the digital entertainment industry. This in-depth biography explores Khizar Omer’s life and career. highlighting the obstacles he overcome and the incredible accomplishments he attained by talent and unwavering determination.

Khizar Omer’s age, wife, net worth, weight, height, career, family, photographs, biography, and other details are all available on this page. Discover Khizar Omer’s key accomplishments and achievements.

Khizar Omer Biography

Date of Birth Tuesday, Jan 12, 1996
Age 27 Years
Birth Place Layyah, Pakistan
Residence Layyah, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession Comedian
Education Graduated
Father —-
Mother —-
Nationality Pakistan
Brother —-
Religion Islam
Spouse —-
Horoscope —-
Weight 73 KG
Height 4 Feet 9 Inches
Net Worth $199,999
Category YouTuber Tiktoker

Who Is Khizar Omer

Khizar Omer is a popular Pakistani comedian and YouTuber from Layyah City, hails from a humble family. Khizar Omer began his social media career in 2018, and he already has over 1 Million YouTube subscribers.

Khizar Omer is a wonderful comedian youtuber who has earned over a slew of followers with his amusing stuff. Through his renowned YouTube and TikTok presence, he’s become a household name in the digital comedy world. Khizar Omer, commonly known as Omer Khizar, was born in a remote town on Jan 12, 1996. Despite obstacles and limited support from his agricultural parents, Khizar was determined to follow his love of comedy.

Khizar Omer had a natural knack to make others laugh. Despite the lack of encouragement from his parents, who hailed from a low farming background, Khizar was determined to pursue comedy. Starting out with just a basic cell phone, he collaborated with buddies to create material for his comedy career. That, despite its shoddy editing, captured his unique sense of comedy to perfection.

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Khizar Omer Age

On Tuesday, January 12, 1996, Omer Khizar was born in a far-off place. He is 27 years old.

Khizar Omer Education

Khizar Omer completed Graduation Lahore, Pakistan.

Khizar Omer Wife

Khizar Omer has a marriage because no information his wife.

Khizar Omer Wife

Journey to Recognition

Khizar’s unshakable commitment to his trade brought him to Layyah in search of greater prospects. Even though he was under financial pressure and had limited resources, his contemporaries gradually moved on to other pursuits.

Despite the restrictions of poor equipment, Khizar’s persistent efforts eventually paid off as his talent and perseverance drew the attention of a growing audience. Over time, as his YouTube fan base expanded, he was able to create a little income stream. That gave him the opportunity to buy new equipment and improve the quality of his videos.

Khizar Omer Career

Khizar Omer’s hilarious journey began. He began by working with pals, despite the fact that their recordings lacked professional editing and clarity. But that didn’t stop Khizar from making people laugh and sharing his distinct humorous approach with them.

Khizar’s companions became preoccupied with other things as time passed, but his passion to his trade kept him going. Despite financial restraints and limited resources, he relocated to Layyah, a city with more opportunities. Despite this, Khizar never gave up. He continued to create content despite the fact that his videos were of poor quality due to his basic phone.

Khizar Omer’s perseverance paid out in the end. People admired his talent and tenacity, and his YouTube channel began to grow in popularity. He upgraded his equipment and enhanced the quality of his content with the small amount of money he earned. Khizar’s popularity grew by the day, and his fan base grew dramatically.

He brings joy and amusement into people’s lives through his funny videos, providing a much-needed break from daily routines. His ability to find humor in daily circumstances appeals to people from all walks of life, allowing him to reach a diverse audience.

Khizar Omer Net worth

Khizar Omer’s channel is worth $375,900 as of July, 2023. He’s on a mission to make the world laugh, and his rise from a small village to prominence as a comedian demonstrates that dreams can come true. Khizar is expected to soar even higher in the online entertainment realm as his popularity grows and his equipment improves.

Khizar Omer Net worth

Social media Handle






1. What is Khizar Omer’s net worth?

Khizar Omer’s exceptional $351,500 net worth as of June 16, 2023, is a testament to his outstanding accomplishments in the digital entertainment industry.

2. How many subscribers does Khizar Omer’s YouTube channel have?

Khizar Omer’s amusing and engaging work has a large global following, as evidenced by the over 1 Million plus subscriber YouTube channel has amassed.

3. What inspired Khizar Omer to pursue a career in comedy?

Khizar Omer’s natural ability to make people laugh motivated him to pursue a career in comedy despite obstacles and little assistance; this ultimately helped him achieve success and recognition in the digital entertainment sector.


In this conclusion! Khizar Omer was talented comedian, has carved out a niche for himself in the realm of digital entertainment. Through his YouTube and TikTok platforms, he has garnered a loyal fan base, showcasing his comedic talent and ability to connect with audiences.

Khizar Omer has clearly established himself as a significant brand in the world of internet comedy thanks to his approachable humor and diverse content. His fans are looking forward to the laughter and joy he will offer in the coming years as he continues to develop and evolve.

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