Rashel Kolaneci YouTuber Biography & Age, Husband

Rashel Kolaneci is a popular albania actress, fashion model, Instagram personality, social media influencer, kickboxing champion, blogger, TV host, and businesswoman from Albania. Albania is where Rashel Kolaneci was born in 1997. Rashel is a famous person, which has piqued people’s interest. But now, everyone on the planet is searching for her. Information is often shared with her via social media. Find Rashel Kolaneci’s biography, height, age, family history, birthdays, weight, significant events, and a host of other details are covered in length on this page.

In this article we covers Rashel Kolaneci’s information on weight, height, age, date of birth, family history, and the most recent facts about her. We have covered all there is to know about Kolaneci in this post; if you enjoyed it, please spread the word about it wherever you can.

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Rashel Kolaneci Biography

Full Name Rashel Kolaneci
Nick Name Raimus
Date of Birth 23rd June 1999
Age 24 years old
Zodiac sign Cancer
Nationality Albanian
Ethnicity White (Albanian)
Religion Christianity

Who is Rashel Kolaneci

Rachel Kolaneci was born in Tirana, Albania on June 23, 1997. She will be 24 years old in June 2023. Rashel Kolaneci is her real name. Her family raised her in her hometown where she spent her childhood. Her nationality is Albanian, and her parents gave birth to her under the sign of Cancer, according to her tweets. We discovered that she is cooperative and nice with her followers, as well as cooperative with others in the discussions.

She is of white Albanian ethnicity, and while she is very self-assured in her job, she was born into a typical class family and held a supporting family that always supported her in his life and career while she was a Christian. Her father was a businessman, and her mother was a housewife, but their identities are unknown to the public. She hasn’t revealed anything about her parents or siblings, and she’s only mentioned her younger sister once.

Rashel Kolaneci age

Rashel Kolaneci Education

Her parents reared her in her hometown, where she graduated from high school. She completed her primary and secondary education there before moving on to further education in the capital city to further her studies. We learned from her tweets about her degree programs and her results pictures that she attended the Ministria e Arsimit, Shkences, Technologies, also known as the “Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology” in Tirana before going on to study music and theater performance.

During his childhood, Rachel Kolaneci was a student and an optimistic person who felt that everyone who desired to make things better for herself and her family always faced any difficulties or constraints. During her undergraduate days, she began to refine her singing and acting skills by performing in various production shows performed on campus, but her passion for music remains constant, and her performing arts inspired her to pursue a career in the entertainment sector after graduation.

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Rashel Kolaneci Family

The Kolaneci family is her surname. Furthermore, her public life is well-documented, and she loves her privacy; while she has kept her family details private, and they remain so, she has focused on her accomplishments and the substance she has published. We obtained all of her family’s information from her Twitter accounts, and if the popular social media celebrity shares any information about his family in the future, we will provide an update as soon as feasible.

Father update soon
Mother update soon
Siblings update soon
Marital Status Single
Boy Friend update soon
—– —-
Children update soon

Rashel Kolaneci Husband

According to her social media posts, she is unmarried. Her boyfriend’s name is not known.

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Rashel Kolaneci Husband


When it comes to her career, she began as a young artist by starring in numerous music videos and television advertisements during her schooling. This was only feasible because of her family’s assistance, as her father is a successful businessman, and she earned notoriety in Albania as a result of her role in advertisements.

Rachel Kolaneci is a talented model who works for various brands and makes agreements with them as a fashion model and continues her work for international brands, including the Bloc 13 Agency, which maintains Rashel’s personality and manages her as a model.

Later on, she established herself as a television presenter and began hosting various entertainment events in her city, and her personality enabled her to become a professional kickboxing champion. She has also competed in other competitions, where she has won several awards. She gradually gained the ability to feature in television shows and ads. “Xing Me Ermalin,” “Bricijap,” and “Shiko Khush” are some of the notable television shows that helped her maintain her personality and acquire fame.

With her successful career, she is also known for her philanthropic work, in which she is actively involved in several charitable programs, providing facilities and cash to philanthropic organizations such as the Albanian Children’s Foundation, for which children with disabilities and special needs have always prayed.

She is an entrepreneur in addition to her modeling career, and she has recently launched her own fashion line, a bikini fashion brand. “Super Zeber” is a popular brand name.

Rachel Kolaneci may have a promising future with numerous opportunities to be nominated for and win awards.

Rachel Kolaneci Net worth

When it comes to her net worth, we can see that the majority of her money comes from his TikTok and Instagram accounts, as she earns money through social media accounts such as TikTok and Instagram, and she also makes Paid Promotion videos for various brands.

Rachel Kolaneci’s net worth is estimated to be at $2 million. Her revenue comes from her acting career, sponsorships, and paid subscriptions.

Social Media handle

Rachel Kolaneci is a popular social media influencer and beautiful model who is active on a regular basis. She has millions of Instagram followers and YouTube channel is a frequent social media user who shares her lifestyle by routinely uploading travel and content-creation videos.


Youtube Channel


FAQs About Rachel Kolaneci

Rachel Kolaneci Net worth

  • Who is Rashel Kolaneci?

Rachel Kolaneci is a famous Albanian actress, fashion modeler, kickbox champion, Instagram model, Content Creator, social media influencer blogger, television personality, and business owner.

  • What is her date of birth?

Rachel Kolaneci was born in Tirana, Albania on June 23, 1997. She will be 24 years old in June 2023. Rashel Kolaneci is her real name.

  • Is Raimus married?

The stunning beautiful lady is currently unmarried and has a single marital status, and she hasn’t divulged anything about her personal life, including her lover.

  • What is her net worth?

Rachel Kolaneci’s net worth is estimated to be at $2 million. Her revenue comes from her acting career, sponsorships, and paid subscriptions.

  • Has Raimus worked as a Philanthropist?

In addition to her acting and modeling careers, she is a social worker and humanitarian who has helped many people and has partnered with an NGO called FUNDJAVENDRYSHE.

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Rashel Kolaneci is one of Albania’s most skilled and famous models. With her wonderful voice and attractive attitude, she has captivated the hearts of millions of people. Rashel Kolaneci’s Wiki, Height, Weight, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Biography, Career, Nationality, and Net Worth were all covered in this page. We hope you found this article to be informative regarding this brilliant artist.


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