Scarlet Stallone Age, Boyfriend & Biography

Scarlet Stallone Biography

Scarlet Stallone Biography, the renowned actor Sylvester Stallone’s daughter, has aroused curiosity among her devoted fan base lately because of her new romantic project.

Fans of Scarlet, who is well-known on social media, are curious to learn more about her personal life, professional accomplishments, and current romantic situation. Let’s investigate these areas right now to learn more about this fascinating person’s life.



Scarlet Stallone Biography

Scarlet Stallone
Date Of Birth
21 years old
Net Worth
$800K USD
Place of Birth
United states of America
Louis Masquelier



Born in the dynamic city of Los Angeles on May 25, 2002, Scarlett Stallone is the daughter of renowned actor Sylvester Stallone and his wife, Jennifer Flavin.
It’s clear from the touching homages he posts on social media that Stallone genuinely loves his youngest daughter.
In order to convey his love and admiration for Scarlet on her 19th birthday, Stallone used social media to highlight her talents, humility, and generosity, all of which perfectly captured the strength of their familial bond.

Scarlet has already demonstrated, at such a young age, an amazing combination of grace and athleticism that brings to mind her father’s abilities.
This was demonstrated in a 2016 Instagram video that showed off Scarlet’s amazing win in her division at a track and field competition. Her father lovingly dubbed her “The Flash.”
Also, Scarlet’s 2017 Miss Golden Globes performance with her sisters gave PEOPLE magazine a glimpse into her personal style, which they described as “tomboyish.” An important turning point was when Scarlet walked the runway for the renowned Tommy Hilfiger show during New York Fashion Week in February 2024.

As he watched his daughter triumph from the sidelines, Stallone’s pride in her accomplishments was evident. During an interview with Fashion Network, Stallone flashed pictures of Scarlet from his phone, beaming with pride and expressing how much it brings him to see her progress and success.

This occasion represents Scarlet’s entry into the fashion industry as well as the steadfast love and support that the Stallone family has always provided.

How Old Is Scarlet Stallone?


Scarlet Stallone is a 21-year-old Californian who was born in Los Angeles in 2002. She is the adored child of Sylvester Stallone, the legendary actor, and Jennifer Flavin, his wife.

With siblings Sophia Rose Stallone, Sistine Stallone, Seargeoh Stallone, and the late Sage Stallone, Scarlet comes from a close-knit family. Scarlet was raised in the Stallone family, where she was exposed to an abundance of talent and encouragement, which helped to mold her into the extraordinary person she is today.


scarlet stallone college

Who is Scarlet Stallone’s boyfriend?


Scarlet Stallone and Louis Masquelier-Page are a couple. Scarlet Stallone, the younger of the Stallone siblings, is 21 years old, and she has fallen in love with her college roommate, 21-year-old British native Louis Masquelier.
Their relationship flourished in the academic setting, and Scarlet talks positively about Louis, calling him a kind and considerate person. She describes their connection as “love at first sight” and says with enthusiasm that it happened right away.

Louis, who is a student at the University of Miami Herbert Business School, has a strong athletic background. He participated in the World Junior Championships and was a youth Olympian. His academic goals are in line with his interests; he is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in sports management and a concentration in finance.

Prior to his current pursuits, Louis earned a business, management, marketing, and related support services degree from Bradfield College in 2021.

Scarlet and Louis’ union not only represents the blending of their personal lives but also highlights their mutual commitment to intellectual achievement and personal development.

What is Scarlet Stallone’s net worth?


The estimated net worth of Scarlet Stallone is around 800,000 USD.

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