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Waqar Bhinder is a popular Pakistan tiktoker, his from the Nankana Sahib district. Waqar Bhinder is a villager who grew up in a rural environment. In one of his interviews, Waqar Bhindar stated that he only completed matriculation before dropping out in twelfth grade.

He claims that while in college, he competed in college-level sports contests at the tehsil and district levels. He has also played for his college kabaddi team. Waqar’s father was a farmer, therefore he began farming alongside him after graduating from college.



He used to farm before starting to make videos on TikTok, where Allah Tamala gave him prominence. Waqar Bhinder has an older brother as well. Waqar Bhinder has a straightforward and pure nature. Waqar Bhinder is a Pakistani poet. There is a person who not only got a lot of popularity but also rose quickly to success.

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How to join tiktok

Waqar Bhinder stated in numerous interviews that we have been farming since the beginning, but one day it rained and I did not use TikTok, but my cousin did. I decided to film a video when it was raining. They claim I made a rain video. It is raining, according to city dwellers. The weather is romantic, as are we locals, particularly farmers.

It is made for the soul so that our harvest does not spoil because our people’s expenses, marriages, and other events are all dependent on our harvest. We suffer greatly when our crops are harmed by rain. And this was my first TikTok video, following which I began making regular TikTok videos. you’ll be amazed to learn that his TikTok followers have surpassed 7.8 million, while his likes have surpassed 611.3 million.

Music industry

Friends, you’ll be amazed to learn that Waqar Bhinder is now a music artist as well as a tikToker. Some of Waqar Bhinder’s buddies used to write songs, and they told me that Waqar bhai hum makes music. And Allah Tamala will grant us victory. I didn’t know how to sing songs, for example. I used to record my voice and make videos with it, but I trusted Allah Tamale and began working in music. As I continued to work on songs and sing songs, and received positive feedback from others, my motivation grew, and I began singing songs on a regular basis.

Friends, we’d like to inform you that Waqar Bhinder has also founded his own music firm, Beatbox. This company’s songs are all available on the Beatbox YouTube channel.


Waqar Bhinder age

Famous songs

Waqar Bhinder has acted in several songs at this period, some of which he just acted in as an actor, but he has also sang many songs and acted as a model in these songs. What’s going on? Friends Famous songs by Waqar Bhinder include (JUTT VIBE) and (Hat Pichy).

Aside from (Bewafayan), (Chooriyan), (Just Mine), (B-Nikkab), (KAPPATA), and (Dangerous), there are several others. Waqar Bhinder has appeared as a model in the songs (Jutt). He appeared as a model in the song (B-Nikkab) alongside the well-known Pakistani TikTok model Zoneera Mahi.

Social media users

When asked what advice he would give to his fans during an interview, Waqar Bhinder said a very good thing (for the sake of fame, don’t do something that will cause your parents to disapprove). Lower your eyes and make them feel embarrassed,

but your name and character should be such that when your father walks by a road, people will say, “Yar dakho (so and so)’s father is going.” Hearing the conversation, my chest swelled with joy as I realised what was being said about my son.

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Waqar Bhinder Tiktoker Wife

He recently got married. However, he did not reveal the identify of his wife.

Waqar Bhinder Wife

Contact Number

Waqar Bhinder has not released his phone number on social media, but you can contact her through his Instagram account.

Social media handle

Tiktok Account:





Waqar Bhinder

Waqar Bhinder. 478288 likes · 52642 talking about this. official account.
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In this post we have provide Waqar Bhander’s release songs, We have told you about his early life, his joining TikTok, his entry into the music industry, and his only some of his released songs. We have told you everything we know about Waqar Bhindar so far; we will update this post very soon with more information about Waqar Bhander, so stay glued to our website.

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