Waseem Qadir Age, Wife, Family & Biography

Waseem Qadir Biography

Former PTI member Waseem Qadir is a politician from Pakistan who joined Plmn as an independent member after Plmn won the 2024 election. Running as an independent from NA 121 Lahore,  Famous Pakistani politician and businessman Waseem Qadir was born in Lahore, Pakistan, on November 11, 1963. Discover Waseem Qadir’s age, spouse, height, weight, net worth, profession, family, pictures, biography, and more. Find more about Waseem Qadir’s major successes and accomplishments.

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Waseem Qadir Biography

Date of Birth Nov 11, 1963
Age 61 Years
Birth Place Lahore, Pakistan
Residence Lahore, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession Politician and Businessman
Education Graduated
Father Ch. Ghulam Qadir
Mother (will update soon)
Nationality Pakistani
Siblings (will update soon)
Brother (will update soon)
Religion Islam
Spouse (will update soon)
Horoscope Scorpio
Weight 76 KG
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Net Worth (will update soon)
Category Politicians

Who Is Waseem Qadir

Waseem Qadir, a Pakistani politician, is the National Assembly’s member-elect. Waseem Qadir ran as an independent candidate for NA 121 in the 2024 election. He gained support from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in the 2024 General Elections. Waseem Qadir’s party was PTI. Waseem Qadir’s Wikipedia page is available here.


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Waseem Qadir Joins PML-N

Waseem Qadir, an independent candidate from NA-121 Lahore who was supported by the PTI, and seven other recently elected independent candidates from the National and Punjab assembly have declared their intention to join the PML-N.

After defeating PML-N veteran Rohail Asghar in NA-121 (Lahore-V), Waseem Qadir met with Maryam Nawaz in Lahore, according to a video and statement posted on the party’s social media accounts. At the meeting, Waseem Qadir, the NA-121 winner and former General Secretary of PTI Lahore, formally announced his intention to join the party and expressed complete faith and confidence in PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif’s leadership.


Speaking to the media in Lahore, Waseem Qadir gave an explanation for his choice to join the PML-N, saying that he had consulted with many local supporters and constituents. Maryam Nawaz thanked Qadir for his choice and invited him to join the party.

Furthermore, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has welcomed seven recently elected independent candidates from the National and Provincial Assemblies.

Waseem Qadir Wife

Waseem Qadir has a spouse. He’s got a daughter and a son. He lived in Norway for twenty years.


Waseem Qadir Age

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What is the age of Waseem Qadir?

Waseem Qadir was born in Lahore, Pakistan, on November 11, 1963, under the sign of Scorpio. He is 61 years old, of Pakistani nationality, and resides in Lahore, Pakistan.

Who is Waseem Qadir’s wife?

The name of Waseem Qadir’s husband or wife is (will update soon).

Who is Waseem Qadir’s Parents?

Waseem Qadir’s mother name is (will update soon) and father name is Ch. Ghulam Qadir.

What is Waseem Qadir education?

Waseem Qadir has a bachelor’s degree.

What is the height of Waseem Qadir?

Waseem Qadir stands five feet eight inches tall.

What is the weight of Waseem Qadir?

Waseem Qadir has a 76 kg weight.


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